We thank all Rota Vicentina volunteers!

You give a precious help!


The only way to keep Rota Vicentina in good conditions close monitoring and constant maintenance of signs and trails are essential! To achieve this goa, everyone's help is precious!

Each painting, each post, each open hole and each cut acacia has the mark of each volunteer. And that part of Rota Vicentina belongs to them.

On behalf of Rota Vicentina, we thank you! Participating in these maintenance and volunteering walks goes far beyond the work done, as expressed in this video.

The season of Maintenance and Volunteering 2017-2018 was very special: we started with a regular schedule, 36 walks were made with 370 volunteers and 14 walks with the parish, in which more technical and heavy work was done. And, on a regular basis, we counted on the support of 30 trail care takers, distributed throughout the territory and, each one, responsible for a stage.