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It is no longer a secret, Julianna Barnaby, from travel blog The Discoveries Of, is in love with Portugal! In 2017, she traveled several times to Portugal, but it was only this autumn that she went to Rota Vicentina, although she had already advised this destination as one of the best to hike in Europe. But Rota Vicentina is much more than a hiking destination, as Julianna explains.

Julianna has chosen not to unveil everything at once, after all she is eclectic, a bit unpredictable and love to explore! In the sense that we also explore gradually, this time she only shares a small part of her days here, talking about tiles. After all, the region and Rota Vicentina are not just a hiking destination. By stopping, we can talk to local people who explain passionately what they do. As part of a cultural program designed by Madalena Vitorino, Juliana met the ceramist Rita Silvério Morais, in Brejão, and tells us part of this sharing.
Note that Rota Vicentina, in collaboration with the artist Madalena Vitorino, intends to present in 2018 a series of cultural programs linked to the region's identity, and this is one of the great mottos of the concept: respect time, traditions and local identity of the region.
The initiative is part of the projects "Internationalization of the Natural Resource Potential of Alentejo and Southwest Alentejo for Active Tourism", financed by the Alentejo 2020 program, and "Between the Mountain and the Sea – Rota Vicentina as a Road to the Valorization of the SW of Portugal ", financed by Turismo de Portugal, within the scope of the Program of Support to the Valorisation and Qualification of Destination - VALORIZAR.  
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