Always surprising - in

More than a travel blog, the texto about (one more) trip of the Spanish journalist Victor Pizarro to Rota Vicentina, and in particular to the Fishermen's trail, is almost a poem of a region passionate.


"Undoubtedly, the Fishermen's Trail is one of the best coastal paths in the world. For years it has been - and in fact still is - one of my favorite destinations, "admits Victor, explaining that" every trip brings me a surprise, a different discovery. The Vincentina coast welcomes me with ever changing landscapes and lights, with brave or calm seas, with an explosive flowering, varied and beautiful of spring, with small villages of quiet and peaceful life that become places much more accelerated. and busy during the summer. From the restaurants, the aroma of grilled fresh fish emanates and its placid beaches of golden sand contrast with beautiful, steep cliffs, tortured and folded like a thousand leaves by the colossal geological forces of the Earth. "

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