A tourist walk – in El País

The trip of Javier Martín Del Barrio was great. He begins the text of the supplement El Viajero, in the newspaper El País: "from Odeceixe to Cabo de São Vicente, a sunny trip in search of generous sands, imposing cliffs and good barnacles"


The journalist made many kilometers, some by car, many on foot, these by Rota Vicentina. Not so much as a hiker, this text is written by a pure tourist who is dazzled by the landscapes, aromas and flavors, villages and cultures of the Vincentina coast.

"More than private, they are intimate, personal, and man feels he is in an inferior condition." This is how Javier describes the beaches of the region, highlighting Bordeira, Carriagem, Vale dos Homens, Arrifana, Amado, Bordeira and Monte Clérigo.

"It smells like juniper, thyme and rosemary. Aromatic shrubs and wildflowers have miraculously illuminated the dunes, and now these, protected from the wind by that green mantle, are fixed forever, converted into mountains that will reach the sea", he describes as he walks along the cliffs.

The fresh barnacles are other must-see attractions for Javier, as well as some accommodations such as Casa Vicentina and Aldeia da Pedralva.

And in the end, the end of the world. "It's the end, the end of the world is approaching. Google Maps confirms: 15 kilometers away, in Cabo de São Vicente, the finis terrae of the planet until the Infante Dom Henrique said that there was more beyond. To prove this you would have to swim to the beach of Mareta (Sagres), and there is no time to lose in absurd conjectures when here we already enjoyed, on the Vicentina coast, paradise".